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Thursday, February 5, 2015

It Started with a Kiss

It would probably be pretty fair to say that Dave was having an odd day. It started that morning when he kissed his girlfriend. He felt and odd twinge and suddenly found himself in her body. They kissed again and switched back. At first, they both convinced themselves that it didn’t really happen but Dave had an odd thought on the way to work. He decided to try an experiment and kissed a random woman on the street. Sure enough, he was soon in her body. He started kissing all sorts of people and swapping into their bodies, realizing he could use them to go all sorts of places he couldn’t otherwise go. For instance, later in the day, he kissed a woman on her way to the gym. After getting to experience the women’s locker room and take a dip in the pool, he saw another woman that he felt like swapping with and planted one on her lips. It was pretty much like this all day for him until he realized he needed to get home and had no idea where his original body was anymore!

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