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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cell Phone Conspiracy

Despite a vast number of conspiracy theorists urging otherwise, researchers had been touting the safety of cell phones for years. Of course, none of them could’ve ever imagined a mad scientist hacking the systems. He was able to alter the cell waves in such a way to cause any two people talking on a cell phone (not necessarily to each other) to switch brains. At first, few believed those that had been swapped; the mad scientist started slowly with only a few people. Then it got more widespread and much more chaotic. It also seemed that the mad scientist was quite particular; no one ever swapped more than once. Despite the panic, there were some that didn’t seem to mind. Kevin, for instance, had been one of the ones to switch bodies early on when he found himself in the body of a woman named Maria. It was about a week after it happened before anyone even believed him. But he wasn’t complaining about his new body. If anything, he considered a trade up. While many in the world wanted the mad scientist dead, Kevin would probably thank him if he ever saw him.

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