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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Summer Job

Yumi put down her coffee, checked her phone, and looked nervously around the room. Her work assignment was set to start in five minutes. It wasn’t a job she wanted to take, but the pay for a mere two weeks would be enough to pay for her college for the entire year. She took off her coat and waited some more. A man sat down across from her and smiled in her direction. She shuttered as she looked at him. He was overweight, had terrible skin, and was quite unattractive. Yet for the next two weeks, she would be in his body, and he would be in hers. That was her job assignment. She was told by a friend about how it was easy money, but she imagined that this guy was some type of perv and she hated imagining the things he may do with his time in her body. But she sighed, knowing she needed the money and that it was too late to back out now. Slowly, she felt her soul transfer out of her body...

1 comment:

  1. BRRR! POWERFUL & CHILLING! BRILLIANTLY written. In a few words& a picture it tells a great story. Of uneasy, of wonder & menace. Questions aarrise. Was it really 'a friend' who told hrreabout this? or a body swapped man. Is it a legimate company? Whill she get her beautiful young body back? or even what if leaves the country in her body? This screams for a multi part! PLS!