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Friday, February 20, 2015

Summer Job (Part 3)

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Eric left with a smile still on his face. He was sure his plan to keep Yumi’s body would work, but just in case it didn’t, he wanted to live his first day in her body to the fullest. After all, the contract he had signed before swapping was as thick as a phone book, and everything he would have to do to keep this body violating many of the clauses contained in the contract. While no court would consider the contract valid -- not one had yet to recognize body swapping was even possible -- many of the people responsible enforced all those contracts carefully. One wrong person with knowledge of his plan and he’d be switched back to his own body so fast. That’s why he knew he had to be very careful. But even being careful, there was still a very real possibility of failure, and that’s why he decided he would be enjoying today living by the rules. There was plenty of time to start his plan tomorrow.

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  1. One of your best. great series ofpics. very good story. Can't wait for more!