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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Coming Home (Part 3)

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Once Ron arrived at the office, he decided that the cafeteria was probably the best place to wait. It was central, and people tended to grab coffee there in the morning. He was pretty sure the woman that he swapped with would show up there eventually. Sure enough, she did.

The first few minutes, they talked about how surprised they both were that the swap had happened at all. Then they talked about how long it took either of them to notice that something was amiss. Finally, they discussed getting back to normal. However, nothing seemed to work.

They tried bumping each other’s heads again. They tried running across a long hall in the office and banging into each other. They even tried electrocuting themselves with one of the appliances in the kitchen.

They both felt rather let down by their failure. Ron was wondering how he was going to tell his wife that he was going to be stuck like this. Then again, she had rather enjoyed dressing him up this morning; he sighed as he realized he was going to have to suffer through that each and every morning from now on...

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