Monday, April 3, 2017

Culture (Part 2)

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Jiro’s heart raced as he got on the train and took it back to his home in the suburbs. As he watched the world pass by the tracks, he knew that even he suddenly found himself back in his own body at this instant, he was feeling pretty lucky just to have the experience of being a woman for even a short time.

After the train arrived in the station, he ran home as fast as he could and bolted up the stone steps out front. He spent a while looking at his reflection in the mirror before he really started to do anything.

He picked up a box of hair dye he usually used to mask the gray hairs that were slowly starting to appear on his former head; soon, he had dyed his blonde hair black. He dug out some old makeup he had in the bathroom. He used to wear it and dream of being a woman; now he actually was one. He completed the look with a kimono, which he knew would only be interpreted by any westerners as a dress.

It wouldn’t be the first time that he dressed up to look feminine inside his house, but it was amazingly liberating when he stepped back outside. Everything felt a lot more right than they had a few hours ago, but something still seemed off; he couldn’t quite place his finger on it and with all the good that he was feeling right now, it was pretty easy to ignore.

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