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Monday, April 17, 2017

Take Your Mind Off It

“I told you that an overseas trip was the best way to take your mind off your divorce,” James told his best friend with a smile, “Plus, can you believe that body swapping is still legal here? They outlawed that years ago back in the states.”

“Yeah, and I still can’t believe you talked me into doing it,” Pete replied quietly, “Who knows what those women are doing with our bodies while we are in theirs?”

“Who cares? It’s not our problem right now. Don’t think about your body or your old life or your ex-wife. That’s the whole point of this. Let’s have some fun!”

“What if these women ‘have fun’ with our bodies? What if we swap back and we end up with a bunch of STDs? What if they don’t come back at all?”

“Just chill. Relax. Come on, just grab a drink.”

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