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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


In the moments following the Great Shift, Alec wondered whose body he had suddenly been swapped into. He searched the woman’s pink tote, but couldn’t seem to find any clues about her identity. Luckily, he did come across her phone. If he couldn’t find out who he was, maybe he could at least use the phone’s GPS or maps function to figure out where he was. However, a quick swipe soon gave Alec another problem, the phone needed a passcode in order to be unlocked.

Alec cursed. He was standing here in the middle of the street in the body of some woman. He had bare legs with cool breeze blowing up a short skirt. He couldn’t even make a phone call or figure out a place to go. He took strange comfort in the fact that he probably wasn’t the only one in such a situation.

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