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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Jack was very aware of what was going to happen to him when he landed on Exchange Island, but unlike most guests, swapping bodies with someone else on the island wasn’t the reason he was going. There was, in fact, many rare and exotic fish and coral in the area, and Jack knew that snorkeling there would be one-of-a-kind. While many visiting the island would be overjoyed to be in the body of a young, hot Asian woman, Jack was simply trying to overlook as he got ready to explore the local reefs. He went to his hotel room to grab some goggles and change into a swimsuit. It felt a bit awkward, but he was soon ready to go. He took a deep breath before leaving the room; he sure hoped the scenery would be worth being stuck with this body for a week. Then again, he figured he should be appreciative of being in a different body as well. After all, he came to the island in hopes of seeing rare things few other have seen. How many others could say they’ve spent a week on a different side of the gender fence? He shrugged it off; he just wanted to go out and snorkel!

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