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Thursday, April 13, 2017


Lacrosse wasn’t the most popular sport at the university, but a few locals and sometimes some family members would show up at games or practice. When Greg’s aunt showed up from out of town at one game, no one thought much of it. But she kept showing up day after day, sitting in the front row, and taking notes about the game. What seemed particular odd was the fact that she had to travel hundreds of miles each day from her home to attend. What no one knew was that Greg had swapped bodies with his aunt on the first day she showed up. He gave her the best training he could each night; he’d take notes about what to tell her to get better each time. And he kept hoping he’d swap back, but it never happened. In the meantime, he tried his best to keep up good appearances, smiling, and pretending to be his aunt as best he could.

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