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Monday, April 10, 2017

Coming Home (Part 5)

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Years passed, and with still no way figured to get back to his own body, Ron still had the body of his female co-worker. At this point, he had gotten quite used to it; he didn’t think anything of it anymore. After a few months, his wife had stopped dressing him up in the morning and allowed Ron the freedom to do it on his own. At first, he stuck close to her advise. He continued to wear dresses and heels to the office for quite a while. But after a few more months passed, he let himself get more casual. He knew his office, after all, and wearing sneakers was perfectly okay there. He still maintained much of the femininity that his wife had pushed on him, but he was able to develop his own style at least. It was just as weird having to adjust to a different position within the company, but he eventually learned that as well. In fact, he hadn’t even spoken to the woman in his former body in weeks now. Things finally felt normal again.

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