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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


This was a mixup like no other. Jason was heading back home to New York after a week long overseas business trip. Somewhere in the computer, his ticket got crossed in the system with another passenger. He had to explain several times to the ticket clerk that he wasn’t heading to some place called Exchange Island. By the time he got on the plane, he had thought it had all been sorted out. He settled into his seat, put his headphones on, and fell asleep.

He didn’t wake until he landed in New York. On the plus side, the plane had landed a half hour early; however, Jason was more than shocked when he realized he was now in someone else’s body. He didn’t even believe it at first; he thought he was dreaming. He wasn’t even sure if he should tell the attendant at the gate. He finally made up his mind to do so.

Oddly enough, they seemed to take the problem very seriously, and they explained that the problem may have had to do with one of the “perks” of visiting Exchange Island, which was swapping bodies with another guest. Jason didn’t understand why anyone would want to switch bodies with someone else or how suddenly being a blonde woman would be considered a “perk.” He demanded his body back, but they explained they couldn’t do anything until his own body was located. They suggested that he just head home, and they will contact him when his body was found. Jason didn’t want to leave without his body, but he didn’t see much point in staying at the airport either.

As he headed home, he felt the strangeness of being in someone else’s body. All he could do was hope they were able to locate his own body sooner rather than later.

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