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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Breaking News

As a travel reporter for the local paper, James had always looked for interesting places to write about. He had read a few rumors on the internet about a place called Exchange Island. There didn’t seem to be any reports on the place and finding out how to book a trip was difficult as well. He brought the idea to his editor, who laughed at him. An island where people swapped bodies on arrival? The editor couldn’t believe James even began to entertain such tall tales.

But James was convinced. He decided to use some of his own vacation time and his own money. Travel reporters weren’t known for breaking stories, but James was in anticipation as he waited for his trip.

And then the day arrived. The plane ride was long, and he was quite disappointed when he landed and nothing immediately happened. As he checked in, he asked about swapping. They told him it was different for everyone. Some did it right upon landing, other took a few hours. And that’s when James finally felt it. Instead of standing behind the desk, he was now on the beach. He felt woozy and light headed, and he was definitely in a different body; he was a woman! Even with the knowledge of what would happen, he was still shocked. He couldn’t wait to report this for his paper, but then he thought about it. What if he wanted to keep this secret to himself?

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