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Monday, July 17, 2017

Sibling Jealousy

“What the hell?” Kelly asked her brother, “You’re going out like that? I thought you’d be upset about being a woman. And is that my dress?”

“It’s not like any of my own clothes fit me anymore,” Bed replied, “I only signed up for that experiment at my college for the money. I really needed the money. And I was upset at first when it turned me into a woman. But when I go out now, I’m not made fun of. People actually want to talk to me; they’re nice to me! And it’s not like I can wear my own clothes anymore. Yours fit just fine. I may not have asked for this, but I am going to embrace it!”

Kelly shrugged, but on the inside she was actually a little jealous. She was actually worried that her little brother was now more attractive than she was...

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