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Friday, July 7, 2017

Zap (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Will must’ve aimed wrong or there was some sort of malfunction, because he soon found himself in the body of his sister. His own body now had the blank look in its eyes. Will was ready to zap them all again, but it seems that while his cat hadn’t learned not to eat the house plants, it did learn how to use the door knob. Soon, the cat in Will’s body ran out the door. Will looked around and didn’t see his body anywhere around the neighborhood. He grabbed a bike from the garage and began to ride around.

Will knew time was running out. When his sister woke up in the body of his cat, she’d be freaking out. He was frustrated. Where could his body be? That’s when he saw the emergency vehicles. There had been an accident. Will hoped his body survived, but what if it hadn’t?

He couldn’t swap his own mind into the cat. It would be such a loss. After all, he was a genius! He could make inventions that could change the world! He couldn’t do that unless he stayed as a human. His sister could stay as a cat for a while longer. What was she? A librarian? Yeah, no big loss.

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