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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Wanted To or Not (Part 1)

John had been riding home in a black cab. He couldn’t help but notice that the driver kept looking back at him in a suspicious manner. John didn’t think much of it until they arrived at his house. The man gave John one of the evilest smiles he had ever seen before saying, “Have a nice day.” The next thing John realized was that he was now the one behind the wheel with his own body standing at the window and forking over a $50 tip to him. John took it without question and kept driving.

John instinctively drove to the cabbie’s apartment. He laid down on the dirty bed and began to read the various notes and journals kept inside. He never wanted to get out of bed; he just wanted to lay there and cry about his lost life. But something always pushed him to drive.

He tried to avoid taking much notice of passengers, and he certainly avoided the magic words of “Have a nice day.” Yet still, after about two weeks, the oddest thing happened. He was suddenly the one outside of the cab, closing the door before handing $50 to the person now inside the body of the driver. He was in shock. He couldn’t believe he had actually said the words and stolen someone else’s body. How could he do this to someone else? He didn’t even remember doing it; it was like the taxi made him do it whether he wanted to or not.

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