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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lookin' Good

Louie hated to admit it, but what happened to him was probably some form of twisted justice. Over the years, he had whistled or catcalled tons of women passing by his construction jobs. In fact, he was doing just that when the Great Shift struck. After a quick whistle, he shouted, “Hey, Babe, lookin’ good!” Except he soon realized he wasn’t shouting down at the blonde woman walking by, but up toward his fellow workers and saying it with a voice that was much higher pitched and more feminine than he was used to. He had swapped with the woman he had just been whistling at. For the first few weeks, he felt humiliated. But as time passed, he adapted. He never wore any of her fancy skirt suits -- often opting for the same kinds of overalls he used to wear. Still, even despite the clothes and despite the Shift that swapped all sorts of people around, just about anytime he walked down the street, he’d get a callcat or someone whistling at him. He hated it.

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