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Friday, July 21, 2017


It felt something like a mix between an earthquake and a lightning storm. After whatever happened, Erik tried to stand but found it quite difficult. He discovered the heels on his feet and, by extension, the fact that he was now in a new body. The first thing he did was try to take them off, but the straps were just too frustrating. Instead, he walked down the hall very carefully, holding onto the walls or furniture to stop himself from falling. He didn’t recognize where he was; not only was he in an unknown body, he was also in an unknown place. Eventually, he found a television that he flipped on. The newscasters looked rattled. They weren’t dressed right and they seemed uncomfortable. That’s when he realized they too must have been swapped. He turned up the volume as they began to describe what was presently known about the event that they were calling “The Great Shift.”

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