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Sunday, July 9, 2017


Chris hated his job. He considered it beneath him. He was way too smart for this, and he was ready to prove it. It was a very devious virus he had been working on for months, built on the cutting-edge tech that the company was building. He sent an email to the CEO, eager to await the results the next morning.

But when the next morning came, things didn’t feel right. The virus was supposed to swap his body with the CEO’s. Instead, he looked in the bathroom mirror and saw a very different face -- the face of a woman. It took him a while to figure out who she was until it finally came to him. She was the CEO’s assistant. Of course, why would the CEO check his own emails? She probably was the one who opened and read it, which meant he swapped with her. As he continued to look at his face in the mirror, he felt much less smart.

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