Saturday, April 29, 2017


It did seem a little odd to Ben at first for him to see someone on the street that looked remarkably like himself. The guy had the same height, haircut, build, even his clothes looked quite similar to what Ben had put on that morning. After a few minutes of just sort of staring and stalking, Ben finally decided to go over and tap the guy to start up a conversation. Ben jumped a few feet back and his jaw dropped. This guy’s face even looked like his own! And when he spoke, it was uncanny.

“Why do you look exactly like me?” The other guy asked.

“Whoa, dude,” Ben finally spoke up, “That’s...that’s...”

Ben noticed something wasn’t quite right with his own voice. It sounded off. He tried clearing his throat by coughing. As he did so, he reached his hand to cover his mouth, but he noticed something even more strange. His fingernails were painted...and his fingers looked more feminine. Suddenly, all the pieces were coming together in his mind. He wasn’t looking at someone that looked like him; he was looking at someone he had just swapped bodies with! And based on the information he now had; it appears he swapped with a woman!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Magic Camera

Vacations had taken an interesting twist for Nathan ever since he found the magic camera. When he visited a foreign country, he no longer had to do so as a tourist. When he would land, he’d simply set the timer on the camera and then snap a picture of one of the locals. His body would instantly transform into an exact duplicate of whoever he took a picture of. In all honesty, snapping a photo of a woman on his latest trip was a bit of an accident, but he had to admit that he had more fun on this trip than any vacation he could remember. Maybe he would try to be a woman a little more often.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Jeremy couldn’t swerve out of the way fast enough. When the Great Shift struck, he found himself in the body of a woman behind the wheel of a car. It wasn’t just any body he hit; it was the one that had been his own until just a few seconds ago. He got out of the car to survey the damage. He couldn’t seem to help the feminine sway of his new body; it was hard for him to ignore it. And then there was his old body. There was no way he was going to be able to save it; even if an ambulance came immediately, which didn’t seem very likely amidst the chaos of the Shift. He wondered how much trouble he’d get in. Considering the massive number of accidents nearby, he couldn’t imagine it would be too bad. Plus, how could he even be held responsible losing control as a result of being thrust into a new body?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Anything He Wanted

It happened without warning and without any explanation. A sudden flash of light, and Lenny was no longer in his own living room, but inside of one with a remarkably similar layout. And, for that matter, he was no longer inside his own body either; he was inside the body of a woman! A quick look in the mirror and he found that he was actually in the body of the woman who lived downstairs from him. He had seen her in the hall, but he never actually talked to him. Looking down, he decided this was the absolute worst way to break the ice, but what choice did he have. He went up to his own apartment, knocked on the door, and waited. Quite oddly, no one answered. She must’ve been home; after all, he had been home when they swapped. Why wasn’t she answering? He simply gave up and headed downstairs. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. If she couldn’t bring herself to do the most basic thing of answering the door, then maybe that just gave him permission to do anything he wanted..

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Successful (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Nolan continued to work tirelessly over the next few days. He was pretty sure he worked through the flaws from his first test, and while he wasn’t able to shrink the device any, he was able to connect the controls to his computer upstairs. If he connected to the internet, he could theoretically swap two people anywhere in the world while all the processing took place down here. The joys of brushing away limitations aside, he still needed to solve the problem of figuring out where exactly his neighbor’s brain went when he swapped into her body. It certainly didn’t go into his now lifeless body. That would seem to be the next step at this point...

Monday, April 24, 2017


Nolan was pretty proud of himself. After all, he had just invented and performed the first successful test of the the world’s first body swapping machine...well, semi-successful. While his own mind was presently inhabiting the body of his neighbor Marcie, his own body was upstairs on the bed in a coma. He’d keep tinkering to try to solve that problem, and to also try to reduce the size of the machine. Right now, the thing took up a good part of his basement. He thought about the idea of making it portable, but the hardware was just too big right now...

Sunday, April 23, 2017

In the Way

When James first landed on Exchange Island, he was pretty excited to swap with a woman who had enormous breasts. He imagined how much fun every single second of this vacation was going to be with these giant things to play with anytime.

After about an hour, he was already sick of them. To begin with, they were just plain heavy; it was a pain to lug them around everywhere. Further, because of this, his back was constantly hurting. And finally, they just got in the way. It didn’t seem to matter what he tried to do, whether that be eating or swimming or whatever, those darn breasts were just there, blocking his path.

It was going to be a long two weeks.