Saturday, October 28, 2017

It's a Wonderful Wife (Part 2)

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It was pretty chaotic as Jason and Leah tried to figure everything out. Somehow Jason now had an exact copy of his wife’s body. They called in sick, got dressed, and began to research. Jason sat at the foot of the bed at a laptop while Leah opened a book and began to look on her phone.

“Are you finding anything that could have done this?” Jason asked.

“Nothing but weird fiction-type stuff,” Leah replied, “Do you have any sort of memory about what happened.”

“No, I just...I woke up like this!”

For the rest of the day, the pair kept looking, but found nothing to explain Jason’s odd transformation.

Friday, October 27, 2017

It's a Wonderful Wife (Part 1)

It started off like a normal morning. At about seven, Jason’s alarm went off and he begrudgingly shuffled to the bathroom. Still half asleep, he started on his normal routine until he looked in the mirror. Instead of his own reflection looking back, it was Leah’s, his wife. For a few minutes he poked, prodded, and pulled -- not quite believing what he was seeing. He pinched himself to make sure this wasn’t all just a dream. Had they swapped bodies in the middle of the night somehow?

He rushed out of the bathroom and back to the bed. He heard a light snore and pulled back the covers. His wife was still there with her own body. They hadn’t swapped; he just somehow became a copy of her. He shook Leah awake. She was certainly surprised to see her own face looking back at her. She breathed a sigh of relief as she checked her own body to make sure she was still herself, and then the couple began to talk.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Appropriate Revenge

Carly got a notification on her phone, and she checked it to find that she had a text from Aaron with an image attached. She reluctantly opened it and was instantly horrified. After the two had swapped bodies, she had no idea what he was going to do. However, the fact that the first thing he did when in her body was get her hair cut...and that he sent her a photo of it! Was he trying to goad her? Make her angry? Well, two could play at that game. She just needed to come up with a plan to do something horrible to his body as an appropriate revenge.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Whole Different Level

Rodney listened intently as Jasmine explained some of finer points about being a woman, owing to the fact that the two had swapped bodies. Rodney returned the favor by explaining a few things about being a man. After they had finished, they both spent a few minutes staring. It was weird for them to be looking back at their own bodies, seeing someone else controlling it. It was Rodney who finally broke the silence.

“So,” He muttered, “That’s what i need to know about being a woman. Is there anything I need to know about...being black?”

Rodney was, quite honestly, just as curious about his new race as well as his new gender.

Jasmine smiled back. “Plenty,” She said, “But now we’re talking about our changes on a whole different level...”

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

One Step at a Time

“One step at a step at a time...” Ronald muttered to himself as he continued to walk. The heels on his feet proved to be quite difficult to walk in, but he didn’t have much choice since the Great Shift swapped him into this body. Fortunately, he checked the purse in his hands and found identification that had an address that wasn’t too far away. Each step was more of a challenge than he would have liked, but if he could just get to this woman’s house, he could just sit down and take this boots off! He’d be happy to escape the chaos out in the streets as well. With everyone swapped into the body of someone else, it was pure madness out here. Of course, Ronald would probably be freaking out himself about his new female body, but he had to put so much focus on just not falling down in these high heels that he hadn’t had too much time to really think about it...

Monday, October 23, 2017


In an effort to foster understanding and tolerance at the university, all incoming freshmen were required to switch places with another student for the first week of classes. With the advancement of body swapping technology, the swap wasn’t just a theoretical endeavor.

After settling into his own dorm, John found himself on the floor of a different room with his head pounding. He couldn’t believe he was a woman -- he was just thankful that her style didn’t seem too girlie. Apparently, swapping with the opposite gender was fairly common. The college felt it was important for the male students to understand the difficulties that incoming female students faced. In fact, since implementing the program a few back, incidents of harassment on campus have dropped by a significant amount...

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Back to Work

Mike sighed as he got dressed for work this morning in his overalls. It was slated to be his first day back on the construction site in a little more than three weeks. After the Great Shift, the union had negotiated pretty good with management about an extended period of paid time off and also ensured everyone got to keep their jobs no matter what body they ended up with. Mike was pretty sure he could handle his old job despite his new body, he just wasn’t sure he could handle his co-workers.

When the Shift hit, he instantly went from installing some rivets into a steel beam to sitting behind a computer screen in an office wearing a short skirt. He rushed to the bathroom to see the face of a woman looking back at him. It took him a minute, but he recognized her. She had walked by the site for about a week a few days ago. Everyone on the job hooted and hollered at her, making rude comments or catcalls. She must have found a different route to walk shortly after that, as Mike didn’t remember seeing her for at least a few days. Still, looking out the window, her office was pretty close to where they were all working.

Now that body was his, and he was going to have to face all the guys he worked with. He was prepared for a long day of hearing the same sorts of comments everyone dished out when a pretty woman passed. He was, after all, a pretty woman now, but he really wasn’t sure he was prepared to deal with that...