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Saturday, April 28, 2018

About to Get Some Bad News

Leo remembered being younger. Thirty or so years ago flying was the only option for traveling long distances. But you waited in hour long security lines for a flight that itself could take several more hours. Now it was possible to travel around the globe in a matter of a few minutes thanks to bodyporting. Granted, it had its own drawbacks. Since only one’s brain was teleported to the new location, you’d be spending your trip in the body of someone else. Leo certainly didn’t mind this aspect. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for him to find himself in a body much younger than his own -- for instance, he couldn’t imagine the body he swapped with this time was any older than 25. You depending on them to pack their bags in accordance with your prior requests. Leo had instructed the person he swapped with to pack casual clothes, which she obliged with. Then there was the return trip. In order to swap back to your own body, you needed to visit a bodyporting hub. This depended on the person temporarily in your body also showing up on time. It was always possible for someone to be late. In this case, Leo had been waiting for quite a long time. It was even a more infrequent occurrence when your original body didn’t show and any attempts to get in touch were met with silence. Leo was about to be given that news any second now, and that he’d be stuck in this woman’s body until further notice...

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