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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Out of the Way (Part 2)

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As the magic taxi drove away, Ethan couldn’t help but laugh. He couldn’t believe he had finally swapped bodies with someone. Once he wound up in the cab driver’s body and learned he had to steal another body from someone else, he had an ideal image in his mind. He hoped some rich Wall Street guy would enter the cab with a good build, tall, and handsome.

He had a few at the beginning he would’ve called “close,” but he decided not to settle. Then the weeks went on. Being stuck in the cabbie’s body grew more and more uncomfortable. Close quickly became good enough, but even close became hard to find. He’d soon settle for a guy who was short, or a little unattractive, or maybe a little older. He only narrowly rejected swapping with a man in his 60s. Then she got in.

He hadn’t considered being a woman, but he had to admit she was the best choice to come into his cab in a while. She was young and attractive; she was asking to be dropped off in a well-to-do area. She certainly wasn’t what he had in mind when he thought of his ideal, but she was who he ultimately picked to swap with...

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