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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Town

Everyone in town knew the factory was polluting the area, but few dared to shut it down. So much of the local economy depending upon the place. Frank certainly didn’t complain when an accident on the job transformed his gender from male to female. He just did he best to adjust. Heck, he even started wearing makeup and considered growing his hair long. Having steady work was just much more important than the equipment between his legs.

But when he arrived that morning, he was truly shocked. A fence had been erected outside and where the factory once stood was now just a smoldering pile of ash. He looked at the place with a dropped jaw. He had given up so much for that job, and now it was gone. It all didn’t matter. He realized he should’ve fought; he should’ve sued. It was all too late now. There was nothing left, but the weird effects on the town and people like him. And he knew he was one of the more lucky ones...

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