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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Mark realized he should’ve known better before opening his big fat mouth about the bust size of Asian women. He had intended the comment to sound factual, but instead he just sounded like a jerk. And of course his genius wife Anna -- who was of Chinese descent -- didn’t take the comment well either and decided to test a new invention on him. The device transformed Mark into a petite Asian woman with a chest that grew about a cup size every hour. By the time he reached D cup, Anna had forgiven him, but her device didn’t seem to function in reverse. She went down to the basement to work on it further.

Meanwhile, Mark’s ever expanding top proved difficult to deal with. He quickly outgrew anything in his wife’s closet and only luckily found a bikini a friend had left behind a while back that fit.

After a few hours, he called down to the basement from atop the stairs, hoping for some good news. Anna just snapped back to be patient, and that this was all his fault for being so insensitive.

Mark just stood their awkwardly. He couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable he was going to be if Anna didn’t find a way to reverse this until tomorrow or the next day -- or maybe even longer...

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