Sunday, April 22, 2018

Appointment (Part 4)

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And so Jack sat down. A few minutes later another woman joined him. She was also dressed like a doctor, but Jack immediately wondered if she was another test subject swapping with one of Dr. Lee’s colleagues.

Before Jack could ask, the woman spoke, “Whoa, Bro, I still can’t believe this. I’m a freeking chick!”

“Pretty weird, right?” Jack asked. “It’s so different! I’m hot! Dr. Collin’s body is bangin’! I bet your bummed you got the dog’s body.”


“Look at me; then look at you. No contest, right? But you probably got last pick or something. I bet it’s still more interesting for you than nothing.”

Jack didn’t want to respond. He was starting to feel a little jealous. He had found Dr. Lee’s body to be cute, but Dr. Collin’s body was just plain hot. Could he have had that body? He was having a once in a lifetime experience of being a woman, but he was getting so distracted by the fact that he could’ve been a different woman. It didn’t make sense, but the jealousy was thee...

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  1. funny, pls continue. Whats going on behind the swaps anyway