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Thursday, April 5, 2018


Seth felt a vibration and pulled out his phone to see a text message from a contact named Brad. Did he know a Brad? He must if they were in his phone. The message read, “Hey Babe, Bring your ass over to my place.”

He laughed and replied, “Think you got the wrong number bro. Who dis?”

Brad quickly replied again, “It’s your boyfriend! Stop playin’!”

It would take a few more text exchanges before Seth realized Brad didn’t have the wrong number at all. It was, in fact, Seth who had the wrong body. He had bumped into a woman earlier, and through the oddest of phenomena, their heads switches places. Seth’s head was now on her body, which mean the phone he now had on his person was actually hers. Of course, once Seth realized this, Brad was the least of his problems! He’d be much more shocked by the fact that he now had a woman’s body! He was wearing tight jeans and heels! It was a shock to him that he hadn’t noticed sooner...

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