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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Intentional Malfunction

After Garret turned on his invention, everyone in the room was shocked to find themselves in someone else’s body -- even Garret! Jason didn’t seem to take being in Yumi’s body so well; he retreated to the corner to sulk and cry.

Garret, now in Amanda’s body, approached and tried to assure Jason that it was going to be okay. That he would find a way to fix things and get everyone back to normal.

Jason slowly turned his head and simply stared at Garret with an evil eye before moving it back in order to continue sulking. Jason knew he was playing this just right. With this attitude no one would suspect that he was the one that tampered with Garret’s invention to cause this swap. Garret may have been smart, but he was smarter. In fact, Jason had complete control over who everyone was going to swap with, and he knew Garret would never figure out his modifications or how to undo them. He’d get to keep Yumi’s body forever, and as long as he acted upset about it, no one would ever suspect him.