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Monday, April 9, 2018

Fix Things

Greg was certainly surprised when the magic spell he cast worked, transforming his best friend Dave into a gorgeous female. Dave was a little less than pleased.

“You better find a solution to this fast or else I’m going to pound you into the ground, and I don’t care what body I’m in to do that,” Dave threatened.

Greg quickly found a spell that promised to fix things, but after he cast it, he was surprised to see Dave still standing there with the body of a woman, hold his hand on his head as if he had a headache.

“Are you okay, Dave?” Greg asked.

“Who’s Dave?” Dave asked in an equally monotone yet flirtatious way, “My name is Sheila and I want to suck your co---”

“Whoa!” Greg interupted, not wanting to think about his best friend in that way (even if he did have an attractive female body at the moment).

Dave persisted, “If you don’t drop your pants right now, I am going to pound you into the ground.”

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