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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Act Parental

“That device of yours is absolutely crazy,” Rachel told her boyfriend, “I still can’t believe we swapped bodies with my parents! And that I’m my own dad!”

“That’s not even the weirdest part.” Todd said from the body of Rachel’s mom, “They don’t even realize anything. Your dad has your body and thinks he’s you, and your mom has my body and thinks she’s me.”

Rachel went white for a second, “Then we need to go and act parental. You know what you and I were planning to do for the first time tonight.”

Todd realized exactly what Rachel was talking about. The two college students had certainly held their hormones in for a long time.

“Not a problem. You know how much I’m afraid of your parents. I’ll go in with a simple threat that I know what they’re planning. They’ll be way to scared to go through with it.”

“I hope so.” Rachel paused again, “Do you think the device will be recharged by morning?”

“I hope so,” Todd replied, “I don’t want to be stuck in your mom’s body for one second longer than I have to be.”

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