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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Inside the Box

Carl was giddy with excitement when he arrived home and saw a large box waiting for him. After eight long weeks, his order had finally arrived. He opened up the box and inspected the contents. The android body was exactly to his specifications. It was now merely a matter of uploading his brain and downloading it into this new body. He had long dreamed for being a woman, but only thanks to advanced in biotech and robotics was that finally able to be a reality. When he finally clicked on the confirmation button, he instantly found himself lying on the ground inside the box amongst the Styrofoam packaging. He hadn’t even bothered to take the android completely out of the box. It didn’t matter; he could now lift himself out. It was remarkable how real this body felt, despite technically being artificial. Then he looked over to his own lifeless body slumped on the chair. That click was the final step in finally making his dreams come true, and he was looking forward to every moment.

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