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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Dream Vacation

When Rich promised his wife Natalie the most wonderful vacation event, she expected fancy dinners, spa pampering, and wonderous experiences. Instead, she found herself in a tiny cabin in the woods for one of Rich’s hunting trips. She was more than angry, but finding a small item in a bag with a note just outside gave her an idea for revenge. She waited until the next morning, then just as he finished getting ready for the day’s hunt, she ambushed him with a big hug, making sure what she had found touched them both at the same time.

Rich felt strange after the hug. He took a few steps back to sit on the toilet in order to stop himself from falling over. He was sure his eyes were playing tricks on him as Natalie appeared to be bulking up -- her body seemingly pressing outward against her clothes, making them very tight. And when it was all done, she looked a lot like -- well, like him.

“What the hell?” He finally asked.

Natalie smiled, “Have you not noticed yourself yet?”

Rich looked down. His body had completely transformed. He was still wearing his own clothes, but he clearly now had the body of his own wife! She had swapped their bodies somehow!

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