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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Reception (Part 1)

The weeks leading up to the wedding were stressful for both Angela and Charlie, but after the ceremony they were able to unwind with some drinks. They probably had a few too many, but it was their wedding day! Then the crystal began to shake and the whole hall rumbled before being filed with a bright light. Charlie awoke a little later, feeling much sober than he had remembered being. He was worried he had slept through most of his reception, but a quick look to the clock revealed only five minutes had passed. Then he looked down to see the pink dress Angela had insisted all her bridesmaids wear, and judging from his movements he seemed to be the one that was filling it out with a very female body. He quickly discovered he had swapped with Angela’s best friend Nikki. In fact, it seemed everyone in the entire reception hall had swapped bodies, and they’d all soon learn it was everyone in the world!

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