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Saturday, October 6, 2018

In the Street

Adam shook his head as he drove by. He had nearly run over a group of three women who had been running out into the street each time the light turned red in order to take fashion shots of each other on their phones before running back just as the light turned green and traffic resumed. Adam could only think about how irresponsible it seemed and that he was sure it was inevitable that someone would hit one of them. Then in a flash everything changed. He was suddenly standing on the street instead of being behind the wheel. Before he could process any more than that, a car struck him.

Adam awoke several days later in the hospital in great pain. A doctor tending to him seemed surprisingly young and genuinely appeared to be taken aback by the awakening. The doctor began to explain The Great Shift to Adam, how everyone int he world had swapped bodies, the accidents it caused, and Adam’s particular accident. Adam looked down at his body and the cracked phone at his bedside. He knew he must have swapped with one of the women he saw in the street right before it all happened. He knew someone was going to get hit because of their antics; he just never expected that person to be him!

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