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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Hyper Sleep

Private Winston O’Grady had signed up for the military experiment to be placed in hyper sleep for twenty years. He was told in that time he wouldn’t age or dream. He’d enter the chamber in an isolated part of a secret facility, and it would feel like just a short nap before waking up. And so he entered and moment later to Winston, it felt like it was over and he exited the chamber. Except there was a lot wrong. The most obvious thing was his body -- it wasn’t his own! He was now a woman, dressed quite fashionably compared to his uniform. The there was the facility; it seemed abandoned. He wasn’t sure if he had slept for the full twenty years or not, or why he was in the wrong body. He began to explore, hoping to find someone...anyone. Ultimately, he stumbled across a phone on a panel with a bunch of buttons and knobs. There seemed to be a dial tone, but any number he remembered didn’t seem to connect. Even 911 came back as out of service. This was certainly strange. His next thought was finding a way out...

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