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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Pink Tax

Andrew had been nervous about signing up for the psychological study at first. He knew it entailed swapping bodies with another participant of the opposite gender and living their life for six months. However the start of the study was remarkably smooth. He swapped with a Asian woman named Hiromi. She was smart, young, and attractive. Settling into her life was a breeze. But as the days passed, Andrew noticed something weird. Women’s items just seemed to cost more than men’s. When he noticed his usual $20 haircut would now be more than twice as expensive, hat was the last straw. Instead, he bought a pair of scissors and looked at himself in the mirror. How hard could it be to cut his own hair? Plus, he’d save a lot of money. This didn’t seem like a bad plan at all...


  1. Hate to be that person. But there is no pink tax.

    1. If you hate to be that person, then next time don't be that person. :)