Saturday, May 5, 2018

Couldn't (Part 2)

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When Jason awoke the next morning, he expected the woman he had met the night before to greet him with a smile on a pillow beside him. Instead, an older woman shouted at him, “Niti! It’s time to get up!”

Jason had so many questions. Who was this woman? Why was she calling him Niti? The woman grabbed his arm and demanded again, “Niti, we need to get you ready for your wedding!”

That’s when Jason noticed his arm. It was slender, more feminine, and the skin was darker. It didn’t take him wrong to recognize it though -- it belonged to the woman from the club last night, the woman who had brought him back to her place.

From this angle, it was even more apparent why he agreed to go home with her last night, even if sleeping with a soon-to-be-maried woman seemed like a bad idea. In her green silk robe, her curves and beauty were even more clear than they were the night before. The only downside right now seemed to be those curves belonged to him and a pushed older lady -- presumably this woman’s mother -- was now pushing him to get ready for a that he would now be attending as the bride!

Friday, May 4, 2018


It wasn’t often that Jason went out, but his friends had pushed him into going out to the club one evening. He was shocked that within minutes, a woman approached him. She whispered in his ear to tell him she was getting married tomorrow, but she wanted just one last fling. Jason had no idea why she selected him, but when he looked straight into her gorgeous eyes, he knew he couldn’t say no. After a quick drink, she lead him out of the club and back to her place.

He was stumbling on the walk back. He couldn’t quite understand why. After all, he just had the one drink. In fact, before any sort of intimacy could occur, he ended up passing out on the bed instead.

Unfortunately for Jason, this was all part of her plan, and the next morning he’d be in for the shock of his life.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Seems Like a Nice Break

“Oh my God! Is that my body? How did we? How did we switch bodies?” Stephanie exclaimed.

“I’m not sure how this happened either,” Jerome explained, “But if I have to be a woman, at least I’m a white woman. I mean, I hate to break this to you, but my life isn’t easy. Cops will pull you over even if you aren’t doing anything wrong. You’ll see people look at you suspiciously...”

“Hey, wait a second. Do you really think being a woman is going to be easy? Guys you don’t know will grab you in places that I promise you won’t like. And don’t get me started about the way people will be looking at you...”

“Still seems like a nice break from what I deal with.”

“I guess we’ll see...”

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

No Glove, No Love (Part 2)

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“So what do we do now?” William asked while he put a hand on his hip, “Do we just kiss again and swap back?”

“I’m afraid it’s not that easy,” Fiona sighed, “My power needs some time to reset. That usually takes a couple days to happen.”

“A couple days? I’m going to be stuck as you for a couple days?”

“I’m afraid so. We’ll just pretend to be each other, okay? It shouldn’t be so bad. I’m glad you know. I’m just sorry you had to find out in this way.”

“I guess I’ll deal,” William finally said after a bit of a pause, “This is so weird though...”

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

No Glove, No Love

William had been dating Fiona for six months, and finally he built up the bravery to give her a kiss. At the end of one of their dates, he finally decided to take initiative and planted one on her. The next thing he knew, he was tugging on a skirt; he was wearing Fiona’s skirt; he had Fiona’s body! He looked at his own body blankly.

He finally spoke, “What happened?”

Fiona sighed, “There’s a reason I haven’t kissed you, William. There’s a reason I haven’t even touched you or let you touch me. There’s a reason I wear gloves all the time. It’s not that I don’t like you; I like you a lot. It’s just that I have -- well, I don’t know if it’s a power or a curse -- but when I touch someone else, I swap bodies with them.”

Monday, April 30, 2018

Twenty Years (Part 2)

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Eugene was pleased after the surgery to find himself in a young body once again. He entered a room and prepped, knowing very well he was about to get a visitor. Sure enough, Margaret was soon stumbling though the halls.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Eugene asked.

“I’m...I’m not sure,” Margaret replied, “The last thing I remember is working with my mentor, Eugene Warner. Then everything went black and now...I’m...I’m old.”

“Perhaps if you take a seat, I can scan your brain with this neurotron above me. It should help me identify anything troubling you. It’s certainly based on Dr. Warner’s
pioneering work, but no one has heard from this at this facility in twenty years. My name is April, by the way, Dr. April Chu,” Eugene smiled, knowing it was now April’s brain stuck in a jar for the next twenty years...

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Twenty Years

It had been twenty long years, but Dr. Eugene Warner was finally ready to give Margaret her body back. He had kept her brain alive so carefully in this jar that whole time. He had always intended to return this body to her, but it had taken him such a long time to find a new donor for him to transplant his own brain into. That time had finally arrived. Shortly after midnight tonight, Eugene would have his mind placed inside yet another new body. And then Margaret’s brain could return to her body as well. She’d probably be in for quite a shock, as she’d find herself twenty years older in what felt like to her as a matter of seconds. In the jar, her brain was sort of in a coma -- unaware of the passage of time and oblivious to any experiences. It would be certainly interesting to study her once he was in his new body!