Saturday, November 24, 2018

Don't Cry Over Spilled Potions

Victor examined the mess he had made on the floor, and he couldn’t help but feel a certain sense of dread. He could only hope that Bethany knew how to make another vial of antidote for the body swap potion they had both taken earlier. He hadn’t enjoyed his time in Bethany’s body; being a woman was just too damned uncomfortable. From the awkward heels to the tight dress, it all just felt so weird. He had only agreed to swap because Bethany had been so into the idea of making these weird magic potions that he thought he’d humor her. How was he supposed to know one would actually work anyway?

Friday, November 23, 2018

Poking and Prodding

Evan awoke feeling strange. It didn’t take long for him to realize he now had someone else’s body. He immediately went to examine himself in the mirror. He was fascinated that the beautiful blond woman in the mirror was him. He watched as the reflection mimicked his every move. He began to poke, press, and stretch every part of his new body. Even touching something as seemingly inane as his forehead seemed outlandish to him. He probably spent a good hour just poking and prodding at his new face.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Goof Offs

Tony had always considered himself a hard worker. For the past twenty years, he had been working at the loading docks, and he’d always have to yell at the other guys not to mess around. It was one of those times he caught sight of a few goofoffs actually going into one of the shipping containers. He thought it was bad enough they managed to knock the thing open, but they should’ve at least had the common sense to just lock it back up and keep it moving. But as he went to go yell at them, he caught a glimpse inside to see the men gawking at a large piece of state of the art tech. Just as he was about to shout at them, one of the men hit a button on the device. A bright light shot out of the container blinding Tony, the other men, and several other people not far away. Once Tony regained his vision, he realized he was quite far from where he had been. In fact, he was well outside the dock’s gates. And even weirder, he was now in the body of a woman! It took him a few more minutes to just absorb the situation before he decided to run back to where he had been. It was quite difficult with heels now on his feet, but it seemed many people were now gathering at the fence. It seemed that inside the container had been some sort of body swapping device, and one of his idiot co-workers had turned it on. Tony had been swapped with a passer-by, and it seemed he was one of quite a few people who had been hit. As soon as he could figure out who was who, he was ready to start yelling at people for messing around.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Radio Daze

Aaron couldn’t believe what had just happened, but he was sure there had to be something to explain it. He first tried the internet, but the connection seemed to be down. Finally, he found an old radio in the basement, and sure enough there were news reports about something called “The Great Shift.” A worldwide body swapping event would certainly explain why he was now in the body of an Asian woman. However, there didn’t seem to be any talk about how long the swap was going to last or even if they thought it would only be temporary. Aaron realized that meant he might be stuck like this forever...

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Trevor looked at his unconscious body in the truck of his car. If all went according to plan, he’d be back before his body regained consciousness. Sure, he had stolen Allison’s body, but it was all for a plan. And if the plan went well, she’d never know. She’d spend the entire time swapped into his body passed out in this trunk. But Trevor couldn’t swell on that now. He act had to act fast to make it work.

Monday, November 19, 2018


Janice awoke first after the body swap. She stood over her former body in complete shock. It got even weirder when Luke awoke. Janice watched as a big smile came across her former face.

“This is the absolute best!” Luke exclaimed, “I can’t believe that weird spell worked.”

“Okay, it did,” Janice said nervously, “I know I was skeptical, but you proved your point. The spell worked; now swap us back.”

“That’s what makes the spell even better. It’s a one-time thing. I am now you and you are now me. Forever.”

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Data Loss

Professor Nelson West had perfected an equation that would enable two people to swap bodies. It seemed like science fiction, but the math was solid, and sure enough after entering he information into a device he created, he was able to swap with one of his students. Unfortunately, the computer crashed with significant data loss. Now inside the body of his own student, he needed to figure out the missing pieces of the equation. He was coming close, but he just couldn’t seem to get it. If he couldn’t figure it out again, he’d be stuck in this young woman’s body for good.