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Monday, September 23, 2019

Extenuating Circumstances

As Kevin rounded the corner from the hallway into the living room, he leaned against the wall and sighed.

“I don’t think I can do this, Amber,” He confessed to his wife.

“It’s my sister’s wedding,” She replied, “We have to go.”

“But we’ve switched bodies! It’s extenuating circumstances!”

“And no one is even going to know, nor would they believe us if we told them. They’re just going to think you’re me, and that I’m you.”

“Can I at least wear something different? This outfit is so uncomfortable.”

“Welcome to women’s formal wear. And I’m afraid you’re stuck wearing it, because that’s what my sister asked me to wear.”

Kevin let out a final groan as he walked over to the couch. The one problem that Amber saw was that despite the fact that he was in her body, he still carried himself in a masculine manner. She told herself she’d sneak into the basement and turn up the device responsible for switching their bodies, which should force Kevin to be a bit more feminine. She hadn’t told him she was in complete control of the device that swapped their bodies, nor that she could swap them back at any time. He didn’t really need to know that, at least not yet.


  1. Great pic. Good story why sis she do it? needs part 2

  2. Ok, try this. First Kevin and Amber are not currently married, but have been living together for over a year. At the wedding, Amber gets a little drunk and disappears with one of the bridesmaids, much to Kevin's dismay. Kevin has to line up for the traditional tossing of the bridal bouquet. And to his surprise, he catches the bouquet! He looks around but Amber is still missing! It seems Amber's sister had planned for her to catch the bouquet because she wanted her sister to meet a certain guy who just happened to catch the garter. This was also a set up! This guy was a friend who she thought would be a better boyfriend for her sister than Kevin. The photographer has Kevin pose with the guy that caught the garter for a picture. And then tells them that the guy who caught the garter and the girl who caught the bouquet should be the next to get married! They both laugh, uncomfortably, and then the bride tells Kevin that he should kiss the guy who caught the garter! Peer pressure kicks in and Kevin has no choice but to kiss the guy. He tries for a quick peck but the guy has other plans and he is trapped into a very long and passionate kiss! Kevin looks around, but Amber is still missing. (Amber's sister had arranged for the bridesmaid to take Amber, (who is now Kevin) up to her room at the hotel for sex!)
    The garter guy asks Kevin to dance, and with encouragement from the guests, they move out on to the dance floor. The garter guy's name is Tim. He is a very good dancer and he glides Kevin around the dance floor with ease. The booze is making Kevin a little tired, so Tim escorts Kevin out onto the balcony where they kiss some more and Kevin eventually falls for Tim.
    How's that?