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Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Juliana had never been a great student. In fact, she was always just shy of flunking out. By the time she reached senior year, there was a big risk of not graduating. She wasn’t too concerned about it until her parents issued an ultimatum on her eighteenth birthday. If she failed out of school, then they’d also kick her out of the house. Mooching off her parents was something she planned to do for at least a few more years, so she quickly got desperate. She appealed to one of the nerdy guys in her glass, Neil. There were rumors swirling around that Neil had invented some sort of machine that made people smarter, and that he’d used it on himself several times over.

When she approached him about it, Neil was flustered. He never expected a pretty and popular girl like Juliana to ever talk to him. He explained that he didn’t have the rumored device, but he did have something else that might be able to help her. He had created a body swapping machine. Before he could even offer a plan, she begged him to switch bodies with her during midterms. She knew people like Neil were in such advanced classes that he was excuse from taking them, so he could help her out without any poor consequences.

Neil realized he had quite a bargaining chip here, so he made a demand. They’d swap bodies for the midterms, but they’d stay swapped for the senior class ski trip the week after. He wanted to experience one social event in school career as a popular student instead of his shy, awkward, nerdy self. Juliana reluctantly agreed. Midterms came and went, and Juliana really wanted to get back to her own body. Instead, she had to watch Neil in her body having the time of his life on the school ski trip. It was painful, but she told herself just one more week, and she’d be back to her own body. Just one more week...

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