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Sunday, September 1, 2019


Keith watched his friends in the skate park from the side of one of the ramps. He so desperately wanted to join them out there -- heck, he even brought his board -- but he was sure he’d humiliate himself if he went out there and tried. In fact, he had tried several times since he swapped bodies with his sister. This body was just so off balance from what he was used to that he kept falling off attempting really simple stunts. They’d label him a noob even though he most certainly wasn’t, so instead he decided it was better to be labeled a poser and just watch instead. They wouldn’t even know it was really him; they didn’t know his sister. However, one of the skaters did recognize the board.

Soon enough, a group surround him, asking how he knew Keith, and questioned about why he had Keith’s board. Keith responded with a half-truth, claiming to actually be his own sister. They all begged him to skate, and Keith tried to shy away before being talked into it. He stumbled and fell pretty quickly. He expected to be laughed at, but instead they were all fighting with each other about who would help him up. It took him a while to realize why. His friends didn’t get too many women skaters hanging around, and he ow had a dozen hungry male eyes all on him...

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