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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Puddle (Part 1)

It had been raining earlier in the day, but the wet weather had mostly stopped, leaving behind gray skies and many large, unavoidable puddles. As Shane walked down the street to grab a few things from the corner store, he stepped in one. As he did so, a bolt of lightning shot out of nowhere. He was startled, partially because the rain had stopped but mostly because of how close it came to hitting him. He was sure the bolt hit right in the middle of the puddle he had just stepped in. Weirdly, the puddle seemed to grow for a brief moment. He looked down, quite fascinated. As he did so he noticed his boots seemed to change color. He realized he was standing on the other side of the large puddle. He looked up to see his own body standing where he knew he had been, then he looked down again and saw a woman’s body. The bolt must have swapped his body with a woman who was also standing in the puddle at the same time. It didn’t make any sense, but that didn’t seem to matter as, despite being nonsensical, it was also true.

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