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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Internship (Part 6)

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Jake went up to the seventh floor and entered the office in room 704. He was both surprised and relieved to see his own body sitting there -- though weird to see himself wearing a shirt and tie. Before Jake could say a word, his body spoke.

“Nice to meet you, Jake. My name’s Wanda; let’s get down to business.” Wanda said, “First, you’ve noticed we’ve switched bodies. I’m sure you’ll agree this puts anything you’ve seen at that so-called ‘tech’ internship to shame. That’s just one of the things we invest in here. Your father told me he couldn’t convince you to take this internship; I hope this convinces you. What I can show you will blow your mind. But don’t cross me, or I can also destroy your future. Do we have a deal?”

She spoke so fast and so curt that Jake could barely process. He just extended his hand to shake in agreement, hoping doing so would allow him to get his body back.

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