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Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Greg had certainly enjoyed his vacation on Exchange Island. How could he have not? Spending two weeks in the body of a beautiful woman was simply heavenly. But he was ready to get back to his own body and resume his normal life. There was only one problem: They couldn’t find his body. If they couldn’t find his body, they couldn’t send him back on a plane to the mainland. A few days passed, but his body still hadn’t turned up. Greg spent most of his extra days in much the same way he had spent his vacation -- enjoying some time on the beach in a bikini. But he was starting to get worried. What if they never found his body? What if he was stuck here like this forever? Would he have to get a job at the resort? Would they continue to offer him free room and board? Would he be able to sue Exchange Island for losing his body?

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