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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Ivy League

It had been ten long years since the Great Shift, and Theodore couldn’t believe he had to grow up all over again in that time. It was even weirder for him to be returning to a college campus for the first time in about thirty years. The Shift had put him in a rather advantageous position. He had the knowledge and experience of a forty year old trapped in the body of a kid. But a kid’s brain works differently. An adult’s brain is good at applying knowledge while a kid’s brain is much better at absorbing it and learning. He theorized that despite his memories, his brain’s anatomy was still young. And it seemed to be true. The amount he could absorb coupled with what he already knew was phenomenal. By the time he was eighteen, the ivy leagues were clamoring over him. As he walked the campus for the first time, he suspected many students here had probably just swapped with people their own age at the time of the Shift. It was likely a distant memory for them. They probably just saw him as another freshman, and judging from the stares from some of the guys, they likely saw him as a particularly hot freshman chick. But he knew he was a genius. He was here to publish research, make breakthroughs. This time around, he wouldn’t have time the drinking and partying nonsense.

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