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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

A Deal's a Deal

It sounded like a good deal. Sure, Brittany was asking for a lot. She wanted Jack’s body; however, in exchange she would give Jack the spell book that contained the body swapping spell. Jack had always been a scrawny guy, but a spell that could swap bodies meant he didn’t have to remain that way. He could swap with a football player or a body builder or just someone more attractive than he was. Plus, there was no telling what other kinds of spells were in there. He didn’t ask why Brittany wanted his body or for any more details. He probably should’ve.

Once he was inside Brittany’s body and had the book, he realized a big problem. All the spells were written with weird symbols that he had no idea how to pronounce. He couldn’t even understand which spell was the body swapping spell. He tried to ask for some help on how she translated it, but Brittany just told him a deal is a deal, and she handed over the book as agreed. He still wasn’t sure why Brittany wanted his body, but he knew he was going to be stuck in hers.

1 comment:

  1. It sounded like a deal the ability switch bodies a new set of clothes. The problem is words if you call be words were strange symbols. So he need some one to translate. He made a deal, he agreed. Thou he is her now. And still wondering why.