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Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Neither Ralph nor Claudia had noticed each other when they were in the park, but it was hard to ignore the crazy man with what looked like a toy ray gun. He was going around aiming that weird toy at everyone, but both Ralph and Claudia were shocked when he actually zapped them with it, resulting in the pair swapping bodies. This was, of course, something neither of them could be oblivious to; they quickly began to run after the odd guy.

Claudia could really feel Ralph’s age as she ran. Things hurt in ways she would never had anticipated. Ralph, o the other hand, had difficulty with Claudia’s clothes. Running in heels was terribly painful, and he was sure the dress would flip up and expose Claudia’s underwear. Still, they had no choice but to try to push through it. There was no other choice but to catch up with that crazy man and confront him.

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