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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Crime Spree (Part 3)

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It was as he was distracted by his female body that the cops finally moved in on Sam. He put his hands up with the money still clutched in both fists. He bit down on the pill he kept under his tongue, but something different happened. He didn’t just return to his own body. He became a spirit, once again in search of a new body. He could only guess something had happened to it, which meant he needed to possess another victim. It had to be someone close, and the cops seemed to be the only options. The three male cops right in front of his would all be fine -- physically fit and decent-looking enough. But a fourth, standing a little further back, was a woman. She was cute enough, and Sam thought it might not be so bad to stay on this side of the gender fence for a while. And so he picked...

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