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Friday, July 17, 2020

Crime Spree (Part 1)

Sam had been a lifelong petty criminal, but lately he had been able to step up his game. He wasn’t sure how the strange pills came to arrive at his door, but the fact that they allowed him to possess someone else’s body for a time just made pulling off robberies so much easier. He’d go to a bank, putting a bag with a gun and a spare pill well hidden outside. He’d use one pill to swap with someone nearby then go back and pick up the bag. He’d demand some cash from a teller, then start going around town. He’d exchange some for change from stores, and deposit it bit by bit into his own account using various ATMs. The spare pill would be under his tongue the entire time. If the cops caught him, he’d chew down and return to his own body. He had a couple close calls -- including one time when the body he had possessed got shot.

Today, he had ended up possessing a woman -- something he had never done before. He would’ve preferred a guy, but there was really no one else around. As he continued with the rest of his plan, he was starting to think there may be some advantages of being a woman. He had already deposited more of his score into his account than usual, and he didn’t see any sign of the cops anywhere.

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  1. he probably already bad, by he a box of strange pills , the instructions said that you could posses people, he thought it was a joke until he used one. And it work. And now he could be a better crook, and better chances. But fate steps into this life. Becomes more grey.