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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Not Held Back

Much like the rest of the world, Lewis found himself inside a very different body as a result of the Great Shift. When it happened, he asked a few people around the location he was now in to confirm he wasn’t the only one, then he quickly developed a plan. He recognized the area, noting it was only about two miles from where he lived; it was a reasonable walk. He could get into his house with the hidden spare key, then he’d just wait for more information to become available.

However, as he began to set out, he was impeded by his own feet. He was having some serious difficulty walking thanks to the heels on this body’s shoes. Balancing was tough, and he’d have to go much slower than he planned. He told himself he could still do it -- and maybe it’d get easier, or maybe he’d find new shoes along the way. He knew he was moving awkwardly and probably not very ladylike, even if now was most certainly a lady. As he continued to move along, he felt a bra strap digging into him, the long hair on his head made him sweat. And speaking of sweat, the leather pants were also quite annoying for that reason, in addition to being tight and tough to move in. Still, he wasn’t going to let any of this hold him back.